Push to talk

PTT ( push to talk ) radios utilize the GSM networks to connect to our South African located servers. Each radio gets a unique user name and password, that registers the device on our servers after logging into the URL that we pre-programme into the radio. Once the radio has successfully logged onto our network, unlimited coverage can be enjoyed, provided there is GSM coverage.

Halo PTT technology offers voice recording, GPS tracking and unlimited voice calls. Our system also feature a phone app that can be downloaded onto a smart phone that allows our customer access to all these functions.

Halo PTT also does not require an ICASA license utilising the system, as it is covered under the Cellular Network Licence.

The Platform from which the Halo PTT is operated is a very stable platform, thus allowing for crisp and clear communication at all times. The Platform which allows your Control Room, Base station or Laptop to have a Despatcher, and which is linked to your Laptop or Desktop, allows the following functionality:

  • Live GPS Tracking (including speed, distance and time),
  • Unlimited Coverage regardless of distance between radios,
  • Voice recordings of all discussions between radio users,
  • Individual calls,
  • Group calls,
  • Stun and Revive (switching off network on the radio, making it unusable in cases of theft),
  • Allows for Multiple Groups on the Platform,
  • Geo-fencing,
  • Emergency button (sends out an S.O.S to each radio on the group as well as to the Despatcher software, giving accurate GPS Co-ordinates),
  • Lone worker.