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Leaky Feeder Family

Leaky Feeder
Improving Tunnel Communication with Leaky Feeder Systems
Wireless communication is challenging in tunnels due to multiple reflections and size constraints. Leaky Feeder Systems offer a reliable solution by using low-cost radiant cables (Leaky Feeder Cables) as continuous antennas along the tunnel length. Amplifiers are installed to maintain a high signal level.
Halo Technology partners with UQOMM, a pioneer in the communication industry, to provide innovative and compatible Leaky Feeder solutions for seamless tunnel communication.

How It Works

Leaky Feeder
Leaky Feeder

VHE: Head End

It distributes all the information to spread communications signals on the surface and underground.

Leaky Feeder

VLAD: Amplifier

It keep up signals for clear communications

Leaky Feeder

VBU1: Single Branch

Splits LF cable on two, protecting signals

Leaky Feeder

VBU2: Double branch

Splits LF cable on three, protecting signals

Leaky Feeder


Line termination

Leaky Feeder


Antenna Stope

Leaky Feeder


Power supply with battery backup

Leaky Feeder

LFC: Leaky Feeder Cable

It allows wireless communications where it runs along tunnels

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